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Pokemon: The Kanto Prince Chapter 4
As always, I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo or the characters included in this story.
Chapter 4: The Courageous Cub
It is the first Friday of term and everyone in the academy is looking forward to enjoying the upcoming weekend. Prince Ash and his roommates have planned to explore the wilderness of Celesta Island to catch any wild Pokémon they could find. We now find the prince exiting his final class of the week along with Barry and the rest of their classmates while the bells sounded the end of class.
"Finally!" Exclaimed Barry as he and Ash walked down the halls with the other students. "I thought the bell would never ring!."
"Aw c'mon Barry, Ice class hasn't been boring at all. You were enjoying it as much as I did." Commented Ash.
"I'm not saying that it was boring. I'm saying that the bell took so long to ring! Not to mention that it was freezing in there!" Barry replied.
"Well, I gotta agree with ya on that. But boy, our teacher, Lorelei sure is something huh?" Ash s
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A Kalos Christmas
As always, I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo or the characters included in this story.
The holidays have arrived in the Kalos Region!
Ash had just won his eighth and final Kalos badge. It was a tough battle facing against the Snowbelle City Gym Leader, Wulfric and his Ice Type Pokémon, especially his Mega Abomasnow, but he and his team prevailed and won the Iceberg Badge. Now the time has come to begin his training for the upcoming Kalos League in a few months. But first, it's time to celebrate the holidays with his friends.
Today, we find our heroes in their winter clothing passing through the snow filled streets of Lumiose City before they decide to visit Vaniville Town, Serena's hometown where her mother, Grace is planning a Christmas party at her house. Needless to say, the gang is excited to have fun on Christmas while they get to see Serena's home.
"So Serena, are you excited to visit your mom after all this time away?" Asked Clemont as they walked through the streets.
:icontati611:tati611 57 77
Pokemon: The Kanto Prince Chapter 3
As always I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo or any of the characters included in this story.
Chapter 3: First Day of Class
Today, Prince Ash enjoys a Sunday afternoon exploring more of the academy with his five roommates Ritchie, Brendan, Cameron, Barry and Calem. Right now, he’s engaged in a 1 on 1 battle against Barry in the academy’s stadium while the others watch.
“Alright Hitmonlee, use Blaze kick!” Barry commanded.
Hitmonlee charged at his opponent as one of his feet becomes surrounded in flames.
“Pikachu, dodge and use Iron Tail!” Ash called out.
“Pika!” the electric mouse acknowledged as he avoids Hitmonlee’s burning foot. His tail then glow silvery white as he strikes Hitmonlee. The impact made Hitmonlee lose his balance and fall on his back.
“Alright, let’s wrap this up with Electro Ball!” Ash said.
Pikachu becomes surrounded in yellow electricity and multiple sparks come off his body. All the electrici
:icontati611:tati611 14 42
Without Question
As always, I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo, the characters or the song included in this story.
It is a starry Friday night.  Ash Kecthum was escorting his beautiful girlfriend, Serena Yvonne home after a wonderful movie date at the mall. Serena was really happy to enjoy an evening with her boyfriend. She’s had a huge crush on him since they were little and when she confessed to him, she was overjoyed when he said that his feelings were mutual. Since then, they’ve been dating for the past two years. They were even happy when they found out that their Pokémon, Ash’s Frogadier and Serena’s Braixen are also dating. Apparently, Serena’s Braixen has had a crush on Frogadier since she was a Fennekin and he was a Froakie. Both couples, human and Pokemon were happy to be together and show their love to each other.
“Thanks for taking me out tonight Sweetie.” Serena cooed as her arm linked around Ash’s and her head rested on his should
:icontati611:tati611 27 32
Pokemon: The Kanto Prince Chapter 2
As always I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo or any of the characters included in this story. 
Chapter 2: The Arrival of New Friends
After saying goodbye to the last of his friends as they left for home, Prince Ash now waits for the rest of the students who are due to arrive by Friday along with the rest of the teachers. Needless to say, Ash is really looking forward in making friends with his five roommates, and the other students as well.
We now find the prince, sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, meditating on Thursday afternoon in one of the academy’s courtyards along with Lucario for his aura training, while Pikachu snacks on a Pecha Berry nearby. As he breathes deep, Ash could sense the aura of his surroundings as his body relaxes.
“Tell me Ash.” Lucario said as he maintained his form. “What do you sense right now?”
With his eyes still closed, Ash gave out his answer. “I can sense a Caterpie about to evolve int
:icontati611:tati611 13 27
Pokemon: The Kanto Prince Chapter 1
As always, I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo or any of the characters included in this story.
Chapter 1: A Campus Welcome.
Three days have passed since Prince Ash left the Kingdom of Kanto, sailing to Celesta Island. Though sometimes Ash and Pikachu would be a little bored on the HMS Legacy, they also had some fun having Pokémon battles with the crew, watching wild Water Pokémon swim in the water with Sir Brock, Sir Gary, and Squire Max who accompanied Ash as his escorts to the island, or even joining the men and their Pokémon in singing sailing songs like Randy Dandy-o, Good morning ladies all, Fish in the sea, and Leave her Johnny (Though Sir Brock would be very enthusiastic in singing Good morning ladies all).
As the Legacy continues sailing the open sea with the Wingulls and Pelippers soaring overhead, Ash stands in the ship’s crow’s nest staring at the vast ocean with his cape blowing in the wind, and Pi
:icontati611:tati611 20 43
Pokemon: The Kanto Prince Prologue 3
Again, I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo or any of the characters included in this story.
Prologue 3: The Decision & The Promise
Prince Ash had a hard time sleeping that night. Needless to say, he was thrilled to receive the invitation to this school where he would learn magic, but he would be away form his home for two whole years like the letter said.
As he lay in his blue four-poster bed with his hands behind his head and Pikachu sleeping next to him, he kept thinking to himself as he replayed the conversation he had with his friends after he read the letter.
(Flashback, three hours ago)
"I can’t believe it.” Ash said as he looked at his friends after reading the letter. Everyone in the banquet hall couldn’t believe their ears as they heard what Ash read. Nobody said anything for about a minute until Misty decided to break the silence.
“That’s some offer your getting.” She said.
“No kidding.” Iris agreed. “To think that the
:icontati611:tati611 16 16
Pokemon: The Kanto Prince Prologue 2
I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo or any of the characters included in this story.
Prologue 2: Secret Of The Mountains & The Letter
Two weeks have passed since Prince Ash has captured Honedge and already the two of them have become good friends as well as the rest of Ash’s Pokémon. On days when Ash has sword practice, Honedge proves to be quite a sparring partner. They would train together in sword fighting while the knights and guards watch in interest. On days of regular Pokémon training, Honedge would spar with the other Pokémon. Especially with Pikachu, and Frogadier, who Honedge really enjoys clashing his blade against Pikachu’s Iron Tail, and Frogadier’s Aerial Ace.
Today, we find the prince traversing along the frozen terrain of the mountaintops. He and Pikachu have been passing through the many caves and tunnels of the mountains since dawn along with Sir Brock and Sir Drew before they arrived at the snowy landscape. While they have seen ma
:icontati611:tati611 14 24
Pokemon: The Kanto Prince Prologue 1
Special thanks to RSBCS, (aka Cameron), without whom, I would not have the inspiration to write this tale.
List of shippings in this story:
Primarily Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)
Contestshipping (Drew x May)
Penguinshipping (Kenny x Dawn)
Egoshipping (Misty x Gary)
Handymanshipping (Tracey x Daisy)
Wishfulshipping (Iris x Cilan)
Lagomorphshipping (Ash's Pikachu x Dawn's Buneary)
Insectivoreshipping (Ash's Frogadier x Serena's Braixen)
List of one-sided shippings in this story:
Kissshipping (Ash x Melody)
Fireshipping (Ash x Macy)
Abilityshipping (Ash x Anabel)
Morpheusshipping (Ash x Angie)
Poffleshipping (Ash x Miette)
The story will contain other shippings, but they’ll be a surprise so bare with me on all of this.
Now sit back, relax and enjoy this story and if you like it, please leave comments when you're done. Thank you.
I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo or any of the characters included in this story.
Pokémon: The Kanto Prince
Prologue 1: A Day In The Life of Royalty
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COMM: Amy's Tickle Therapy 3

It was the eve of King Sonic the Hedgehog’s fifth anniversary of his coronation, as well as his marriage to Queen Sally Acorn.  The royal couple were taking the night off to relax before the big celebration that was to be held the following morning in honour of Sonic’s anniversary, dubbed “Five Years of Peace”.  They were currently dinning out at ‘Rory’s’ restaurant and had plans to go to the show after dinner.
Sally was just cutting up her food with her knife and fork, when she heard a little squiggly sound coming from across the table.  She looked up and saw Sonic trying to cut his food as well, but his hands were slightly shaking and so too were his knife and fork.  She lay down her own cutlery and then reached across the table to lay a hand on his.  Sonic stopped shaking at looked across to his wife.
“Still nervous, I see,” she told him anxiously.
Sally remembere
:icondreamman001:Dreamman001 16 7
Ash and the Beanstalk - Finale
Narrator: Well, our heroes were successful - they had freed the Princess and her friends from the clutches of the wicked witch. And now to find the beanstalk, climb down and return home in triumph, with a big surprise for Happy Valley.
Ash and Serena were flying on Charizard, with Greninja and Braixen sitting behind, and Pikachu sitting on Charizard's head. The Chipmunks and Chipettes were riding with Latios, and Magearna rode with Latias. Chrissie was walking along beside, excited to be with friends.
Narrator: As they walked, Ash learned through Serena that the reason for Chrissie's personality is because while she is an adult, she really has the mind of a child. Because of that, she has a very low I.Q., which sometimes gets her down. But she loves to make friends, which Ash and friends knew all too well. As for her walking around barefoot, it was because she outgrew her last pair of shoes, and she hasn't been able to find any others that fit her.
Ash: (whispers) Serena, do you know h
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 7 33
Ash and the Beanstalk - Chapter 6
Narrator: There she was, the witch who had kidnapped Princess Serena and her friends and wrought ruin to Happy Valley.
The witch cackled evilly as she floated there on her broomstick, with two Pokémon, Seviper and Mimikyu, accompanying her. Ash and all the others were shocked to see her.
Jessie: (cackles) I've found you at last, Princess. (notices Ash) Ah, and I see you've found a prince to rescue you.
Ash: Me? A Prince?
Jessie: Well, you're certainly no knight in shining armor, twerp.
She and her Pokémon snickered at her own wit.
Chrissie: Leave us alone, you mean old witch!
Jessie immediately stopped her and stared at the friendly and scared giant girl.
Jessie: Oh yes, I'd nearly forgotten about you. AND DON'T EVER CALL ME "OLD!" Seviper, use Glare!
Seviper used Glare on Chrissie, causing her to shiver in place, allowing Jessie to cast a spell on Chrissie with a wave of her hand. When Chrissie tried to move, she couldn't.
Chrissie: (straining) I... Can't... Move...
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 10 16
Ash and the Beanstalk - Chapter 5
Before they knew what had happened, Ash, Pikachu, Greninja, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore found themselves being pressed the giant girl's chest as she hugged them.
Theodore: (gasps) Help!
Serena and her friends could see Ash and his friends' predicament and decided to do something about it.
Serena: Chrissie, you might wanna let them go now!
Ash: (gasps) Yeah! We can't breathe!
The giant girl heard Serena and loosened her grip around them. Ash and his friends landed in her hands and they were lifted up to her level. She gave them an apologetic smile and her cheeks turned red with embarrassment.
Chrissie: Oh, I'm so sorry. I've always been told I don't know my own strength. Are you alright?
Ash: (pants) Oh it's okay.
Theodore: (worriedly) Please don't hurt us, Ms. Giant. I don't wanna be crushed in your hands, stomp us flat under your feet like a bug, or-or...
Theodore was too scared to continue as he shut his eyes, preparing for the worst.
Chrissie: But I wouldn't do something so mean.
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 10 10
Ash and the Beanstalk - Chapter 4
Soon the two Legendary Eon Pokémon had brought Ash, his Pokémon, and the Chipmunks to a big table. On the table was a whole spread of food. Suddenly, Ash heard voices singing.
Ash: Sounds like someone singing.
Pikachu: (nods) Pika.
Greninja: (nods) Nin.
Latios and Latias slowed down so their passengers could listen.
Alvin: Hmm... I think I hear girl chipmunk voices... Or am I hearing things?
Alvin and his brothers listened carefully.
Simon: It's not your imagination, Alvin. I hear it too.
Theodore: Me too.
Ash: And the other sounds... Very familiar. (pause) Latios, Latias, could you bring us to that table so we can see where those voices are coming from?
The two Eon Pokémon nodded and flew over, allowing their passengers to jump off.
Narrator: Upon arriving on the table, they saw an array of wonderful things to eat. There were jellies as tall as buildings, pies as wide as farmland, cakes as deep as ravines, and many other kinds of food. Ash and his friends were so overco
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 10 18
Ash and the Beanstalk - Chapter 3
Narrator: And so, upon reaching the top, our bewildered hero, his two Pokémon, and the three chipmunks found themselves staring at a mammoth castle miles above the earth. Their curiosity was aroused; nothing could hold them back. Who lives there? Man or monster? Friend of foe? A Princess or a dragon?
After reaching the top of the clouds, they saw a giant castle. Unable to contain their curiosity, they climbed off the beanstalk and started on a new adventure. As they walked, they found many things that were much bigger than they were. For instance, they saw a big Sewaddle on a big mushroom; and a big Vivillon flew over them.
Narrator: What drew them toward this place of mystery? Hunger? Desperation? Or perhaps it was the love of adventure. Perhaps mortal man has never before set foot in this strange land.
Chipmunks: (singing) I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain track,
And as I go, I love to sing,
My knapsack on my back

Ash: (singing) Val-dera
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 9 16
Together, part 7
Before the official wedding of Ash and Serena, their mother’s decided it would be best to have a wedding rehearsal to get things organized. That way, they could plan out everything beforehand and things would go more smoothly during the ceremony.
But it seemed the chaos of a wedding applies to the rehearsal as well. Ash walked into the kitchen to find no sign of his mother. “That’s funny.” He said. “Where could she be?”
Pikachu followed Ash into the kitchen. “Pi?” He said. Then his ears twitched and he looked out towards the hall. “Pikachu.” He said to Ash, pointing.
Ash put a slice of bread in the toaster. “That way?’ He asked Pikachu. Leaving his bread to toast, Ash walked to the hall.
“Look, it’s not that difficult.” Delia said on the phone. “I just need a few ropes or guides of some kind to outline where the tables and chairs will be during the rehearsal. That way people aren’t goi
:iconstorykeeper44:StoryKeeper44 7 20
Ash and the Beanstalk - Chapter 2
Narrator: So off Ash went with Pikachu to the market. He'd hoped to get a good price for Miltank, just as his mother had said.
On their way, Ash was stopped by a mysterious short man with a thin mustache and short brown hair and spoke with a Hispanic accent.
Man: Hey! Hey you, boy! Over here!
Ash and Pikachu looked and saw the man.
Ash: You talking to me?
Man: You look like someone who needs money to keep your family fed.
Ash: Uh, yeah?
Man: Well, com'ere for a minute. I want you to have a look at these beans.
Ash and Pikachu looked at the three beans the man was pointing to in his hand.
Ash: What's so special about these?
Man: Why, they're magic beans, sonny.
Pikachu: Pi?
Ash: What do I do with 'em? Eat 'em?
Man: (chuckles) Why, no, sonny. (looks around) Just between you and me, these beans are a gold mine.
Ash: A gold mine?
Man: Right. Plant these beans in the light of a full moon, and they'll bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if you got one th
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 9 11
Ash and the Beanstalk - Chapter 1
Narrator: A long time ago, there was a place called Happy Valley. Now, it was called Happy Valley, because everyone who lived there was happy. It was one of nature's garden spots, nestled among green rolling hills... With a babbling brook flowing through the valley... Winding roads lined with high trees... Lush fields and prosperous farms dotting the landscape... And high up on a hill overlooking the valley, shining like a jewel, stood a majestic castle. And in the castle, there lived a young Princess named Serena.
Serena is seen in one of the castle gardens, along with her Braxien.
Narrator: Princess Serena was the apple of her mother's eye, and her most precious treasure ever since the girl's father, the king, died.
Serena could be seen wiggling her toes in the grass as she carried her shoes in her hands.
Narrator: Though she was beautiful, Serena never allowed this to go to her head. She was very kind, polite, and enjoyed going barefoot outside whenever she could, which her mother l
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 10 19
Marvel pokemon crossover ch.4
It had only been a few hours since Ash/quicksilver and Serena/Scarlet witch had rescued the pokemon from Team rockets clutches and reunited with their pokemon, friends, and family but after a few hours Ash/quicksilver and Serena/Scarlet witch had gotten a little hungry and plus because they were engaged they had the right for some alone time. As Ash/quicksilver bit into his bacon cheeseburger he took some time to look at his fiancee's blood red hair and light blue eyes. Upon Noticing this Serena/scarlet witch stared into Ash/quicksilver's eyes and put her hand under her chin and smiled Ash/quicksilver just smiled back it was then that she closed her eyes, puckered up her lips and attempted to kiss him. Ash/quicksilver closed his eyes, puckered up and about to embrace the kiss when all of a sudden.
Reporter: Um excuse me?
Ash/quicksilver and Serena/scarlet witch froze and stopped right in their tracks only to discover it was just a news reporter and her cameraman. Though a little disapp
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 4 2
amourshipping is CANON by hikariangelove amourshipping is CANON :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 587 280
The Guardian and Maiden of the Sea Ch. 19
Guardian and Maiden of the Sea
Chapter 19:
A Guardian’s Best Friend
            Cruising on a tropical afternoon with the sun at its peak, Sora stared down at his apprentice as Tidus lifted his wooden practice sword. Sora held his staff at the ready, and his pupil charged with a mighty roar. In a flash, Tidus found himself on the ground and his practice weapon pressed lightly against his chest. It was then he realized that Sora had disarmed him in the instant, and knocked him down without even a flap from his cape. Kari and Sarah, who were in observance on the side along with Sparky, Rina, Cancer, and Yolanda were laughing their heads off, making Tidus’s defeat even more humiliating.
            “Cut it out you two!” Rina chided to her sisters.
            “Sorry. But that was just too funny.
:iconrsbcs:RSBCS 4 45
Together, part 6
With Ash’s half of the invitations sent, we join Serena in Kalos the morning after she spoke to him. Her morning Rhyhorn training done, Serena checked her e-mail to see if anyone had replied back to her invites.
“That’s strange. No word from anyone about the wedding yet.” Serena said. Shutting down the computer, she went into the kitchen for breakfast.
Grace looked up from the morning paper. “Morning Serena. Anyone ask about the wedding?”
Serena shook her head as she sat down at the table and poured herself a glass of juice. “Nothing yet mom.” She said. Taking a sip, Serena looked thoughtful. “Which is strange. I thought there would be lots of answers already.”
Grace turned a page in the paper. “Maybe not everyone checks their e-mails as much as you think.” She said.
“Phox, delphox.”
Serena and Grace looked over at Delphox, who was eating her own breakfast with Pancham and Sylveon. “Del, delphox.&
:iconstorykeeper44:StoryKeeper44 9 7
One Last Dance: Christmas One Shot (Amourshipping)
(Ash's POV)
"HURRY UP YOU SLOWPOKES!!! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" Bonnie shouted, her little friend Dedenne squeaking in agreement. She huffed impatiently, and crossed the arms of her little Piplup snowsuit as she waited for the others.
Ash was the first one to catch up to her. "Don't worry Bonnie," he laughed. "Lumiose City isn't going anywhere. It still will be there tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that!"
Bonnie smiled. "I know that silly! But I'M JUST SO EXCITED TO BE GOING BACK HOME!!!" she squealed loudly, kicking the snow. As she did this, Serena had come up, only to be met with a mouthful of snow.
She brushed it off her face, and straightened her pink hat. "Thanks for that Bonnie," Serena said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Bonnie gave her a cheeky grin. "No problem Serena!" And with that she ran ahead, with Pikachu and Dedenne hot on her heels. "HURRY UP CLEMONT!" she shouted to her brother, who was now a fair way behind them.
:iconcrazy-fangirling101:crazy-fangirling101 17 8
A Valentine for Ash and Serena
It had been years since Ash had participated in the Island Challenge in Alola, and Serena had done Contests in Hoenn. Ever since then the two have reconnected when both their families moved to Melemele Island. Professor Oak had since moved Ash's Pokémon from his lab to Ash's home in Alola, and they've adjusted quite well. Butterfree and his mate had reunited with Ash, as had Ash's Pidgeot, Lapras, Greninja and Goodra. Ash had also traded 29 of his Tauros to gain other kinds of Pokémon, while still keeping one of his Tauros. And just last year, a couple of friends of Pikachu's, the Pichu Brothers, had found their way to Alola.
Serena was now 15 years old. Her hair had since gotten long again, and she become an idol to young Trainers in the area. She woke up and saw on the calendar that it was February 14, and that meant one thing.
Serena: (yawns, smiles) Valentine's Day.
She pulled the covers off herself, revealing she was wearing a short nightgown. Upon getting up ou
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 26 15
Sleeping is better with you an AshxSerena fanfic
Ash: Hurry the Pokemon centers right ahead
Serena: oh thank god
Ash and Serena said as they entered the Pokemon center from a raging snowstorm. The storm came without warning and left them freezing and completely covered in snow the worse thing about it was none of them had a coat or jacket on during that time. Luckily Nurse joy came out with cups of hot chocolate for the 2
Ash: Thanks Nurse joy
Nurse joy: Don't mention it
Ash then walked to Serena's room to give her her Hot chocolate
Ash: (walking into the room) Hey Serenaaaaa! (puts hot chocolate down)
Ash looked to see Serena taking off her socks and skirt revealing her panties and bare feet
Serena: ( Shocked) Ash i'm changing!!
Ash: (covering eyes) Ahhh! i'm sorry I just wanted to give you some Hot chocolate
Serena: Oh thanks
As Ash covered his eyes he couldn't help but notice he was completely shivering from the cold outside sure he had taken a few sips of cocoa but even that wasn't enough just when he thought he would get Hypothe
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 40 12




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